“Carol of the Lamb”

Available May 2018

Little lamb, peer in the stall;
See the Lamb of God for all.
Wonder how this sacrifice
Silently will pay the price.
Through the valley He will tread,
Up a hill to bow His head,
In a garden, He will rise;
Pastures green will be the prize.

Weary shepherd, come find rest;
In a stable, be a guest.
Gather near your Shepherd Good;
He can lead where no one could.
Staff and rod Himself will bear,
Streams of life with you to share.
In His house forever dwell,
His unending mercies tell.

Copyright © 2018 Concordia Publishing House. All rights reserved.



David von Kampen

David is a composer from Lincoln, Nebraska. He has over 50 choral and instrumental compositions and arrangements published with CPH, Walton Music, Santa Barbara, G. Schirmer, UNC Jazz Press, MusicSpoke, and others.


Lisa M. Clark

Lisa is an editor for Concordia Publishing House and the author of The Messengers novels. She has also written several hymn texts for CPH Music as well as devotions and Arch Books.

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