Featuring dozens of contributing composers, Hymn Prelude Library for Lutheran Service Book offers organists a comprehensive selection of organ preludes drawn from the hymn tunes found in Lutheran Service Book.

    All preludes are newly composed for each volume with a rich assortment of styles, harmonies, and registrations. These memorable pieces serve well as preludes, postludes, offertories, introductions, and distribution music.

    The complete collection comprises twelve volumes. Order your copy of the newest volume now!

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    Final Volume: Volume Twelve (WXYZ)

    Volume Twelve of Hymn Prelude Library features the hymn tunes from W żłobie leży to Zpivejmež všickni vesele.

    This volume contains more than 35 new organ settings that can be played throughout the Church Year. Organists of all skill levels will find these settings interesting and accessible!

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    Kevin Hildebrand

    Editor, Hymn Prelude Library

    As the Kantor for Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Kevin teaches classes such as music fundamentals, vocal development, and music for worship.

    In addition to his accomplishments as an organist, Kevin is founder and director of the Seminary Children’s Choir, a group made up of children from the community. He also directs the youth choir at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School in Fort Wayne.


    “Every organist looks for pieces that portray hymn tunes in ways that are musically interesting, sensitive to the character of the hymn text, and able to be learned in a relatively short period of time. Hymn Prelude Library provides organists with just that. It is a very useful and indispensable tool in leading the worshiping assembly in song.”

    Dr. Jeffrey Blersch
    Professor of Music and Organist
    Concordia University Nebraska

    Hymn Prelude Library promises to be an invaluable resource for providing new, relevant attendant organ music for the service. Drawing upon a variety of composers and styles and levels of difficulty, it is a must-have collection for every organist or their congregation.”

    Dr. Steven Wente
    Music Department Chair and Organist to the Chapel
    Concordia University Chicago


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