The definitive resource on Lutheran hymnody.

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The Companion in Numbers:

2,813 texts, translations, tunes, and settings

1,527 primary sources

680 biographies

308 libraries

11 years

1 hymn companion



“In terms of usability and design, Lutheran Service Book: Companion to the Hymns is unmatched. It will be my first stop for all my hymn references for years to come. I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in Lutheran hymnody and worship.”
Cory Westby, Hickory, North Carolina

“Hymns bring Christian teaching into believers’ hearts in ways not easily forgotten, and many Christians naturally want to know the stories behind the hymns and their authors.”

Preface, page vii


LSB: Companion to the Hymns will serve as the definitive resource on the hymnody of Lutheran Service Book. Read the stories of the hymns as well as insightful theological commentary. Dig deeper into the historical backgrounds prepared from a decade of groundbreaking research. Whether you’re looking for historical, musical, or devotional information, the Companion to the Hymns offers something for all interests.

Volume 1

Includes text and tune background, theological and scriptural discussion, usage advice, and exhaustive historical details of original sources for all LSB hymns. 1680 pages.

Volume 2

Includes biographies for all hymn authors and composers, seventeen essays providing a survey of hymnody, and indexes, appendixes, and charts. 944 pages.


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General Editors

Joseph Herl

Peter C. Reske

Jon D. Vieker

Contributing Authors

Christopher S. Ahlman • Paul Gregory Alms • Erik Ankerberg • Randy K. Asburry • Colleen R. Baade • Robert J. Batastini • Paul F. Becker • Mark Bender • Peter C. Bender • John M. Berg • David O. Berger • Barry L. Bobb • Gerhard H. Bode Jr. • Jean R. Boehler • James L. Brauer • William H. Braun • Christopher Boyd Brown • Kent J. Burreson • Paul J Cain • Albert B. Collver • William M. Cwirla • Sean Daenzer • Mark DeGarmeaux • Samuel J. Eatherton • Paul Egger • Thomas Egger • Chris Fenner • Charles D. Ferry • Carl Fickenscher • John G. Fleischmann • Eric C. Forss • Victor E. Gebauer • Henry V. Gerike • Bryan M. Gerlach • Charles Gieschen • William Gleason • Paul J. Grime • Daniel Jay Grimminger • Gifford A. Grobien • Kent A. Heimbigner • Paul Heiser • David P. Held • Marion Lars Hendrickson • Joseph Herl
Kevin Hildebrand • A. A. Just Jr. • Kevin A. Karner • Bruce E. Keseman • Mark Knickelbein • Aaron A. Koch • Robert Kolb • Benjamin A. Kolodziej • Kenneth T. Kosche • Richard Kraemer • Gerald S. Krispin • Walter E. Krueger • Robin A. Leaver • Thomas E. Lock • Matthew Lorfeld • Allen D. Lunneberg • Cameron A. MacKenzie • Dennis Marzolf • Timothy H. Maschke • John W. Matthews Jr. • Robert J. H. Mayes • Anne C. Meyer • Jonathan R. Mueller • Steven P. Mueller • John G. Nordling • M. Joshua Osbun • William H. Otte • Timothy Pauls • Todd A. Peperkorn • Larry Peters • Frank J. Pies • John T. Pless • Samuel M. Powell • Robert C. Preece • Bryan Proksch • Lawrence R. Rast Jr. • David H. Reed • Barbara J. Resch • Richard Resch • Paul A. Reske • Peter C. Reske • Sandra Rhein
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