Lutheran Service Book: Large Print

Your Favorite Hymnal,

Adapted for You

You’ve shared that the text size in Lutheran Service Book: Pew Edition has impacted your congregation’s ability to fully participate in the Divine Service. 

The generous 14-point font in LSB: Large Print will ensure it’s easy for your congregation to read through the liturgy or sing their favorite hymns and connect to their Savior, Jesus.

Lutheran Service Book: Large Print will be available to order in October 2022.

Easier at Home

For those who worship at home or cannot make it to church in person, LSB: Large Print gives you the freedom to stay connected to your congregation from anywhere.

Easier at Church

Welcome members and guests with copies of LSB: Large Print for use in worship. Your congregants will feel appreciated and welcomed into worship services, knowing there is a way for them to enjoy their hymnal without the added eye strain.

Product Features

LSB: Large Print mirrors LSB: Pew Edition, but LSB: Large Print has a 40% font increase. Take a look at the specifics below.



Large Print

  • 14-point font
  • 8.4 X 12.6
  • $49.99

Pew Edition

  • 10-point font
  • 6 X 9
  • $29.99

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