Hymns That Span the Centuries of Christendom

Hymn texts dating from the third and fourth centuries can be found next to texts and tunes written as recently as 2004. Lutheran Service Book includes hymns from around the world and select foreign-language translations—636 hymns total.

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Orders of Service

Contains five Divine Service settings, Daily Offices, simple services for individuals and families, and services for Holy Baptism, confirmation, holy matrimony, and funerals.


Psalms and Tones

Includes 107 psalms that are pointed for singing. Eleven psalm tones, both single and double, range from cheerful and bright to somber and austere.



Features a combination of new hymns and hymns from Lutheran Worship and The Lutheran Hymnal. Hymns are organized by topic, and detailed indexes are included.



Lists the readings for every Sunday and festival in the Church Year for both the three-year and one-year lectionaries, as well as the readings for feasts and occasions.

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