Musician, composer, and professor of music emeritus, Dr. Carl F. Schalk (1929-2021) taught various music classes at his alma mater, Concordia University Chicago, for more than four decades. He authored numerous books on worship in the Church, worked as an editor for the journal Church Music, and composed pieces for various music ensembles as well as more than one hundred carols and hymn tunes.

During his years as a professor, Dr. Schalk joyfully served as a mentor to future generations of church musicians and encouraged his students to remain true to the doctrine set forth by the Scriptures.

Barry L. Bobb, director of the Center for Church Music at Concordia University Chicago, said these words about Dr. Schalk: “He has bequeathed to this generation and those to come an extraordinary model, one which will serve well all those who aspire to a life of significant service in the Church.”