Terms of Agreement

  1. License Grant – Except as otherwise stated below under “Excluded Resources,” Concordia Publishing House (“CPH”) grants Licensee the nonexclusive right to reproduce the text and tune of the hymns and liturgies included in One and All Rejoice (“referred to individually as “Resource” or collectively as “ Resources”) for use in its school and church worship. Reproduction may be in the form of printing or projecting Resources. In addition, Licensee is permitted to record worship services containing Resources by either audio or audio-visual means to stream/podcast their service on their own church or school media sites.
  2. (A) Definition of “Excluded Resources” – For purposes of this Agreement, “Excluded Resources” shall mean the following:
    1. The printing of all settings to the hymns and canticles found in One and All Rejoice; and
    2. The following copyrighted material found in One and All Rejoice:
      Hymn # Title Excluded Portion
      232 Father, I Adore You text and tune
      321 This Is the Day text and tune
      274 Seek Ye First text and tune
      330 May the Peace of God text and tune
      243 Lamb of God text and tune
      203 How Deep the Father's Love for Us text and tune
      241 In Christ Alone text and tune
      258 O Church, Arise text and tune
      216 See, What a Morning text and tune
      251 Speak, O Lord text and tune
      269 There Is A Higher Throne text and tune
      301 Ten Thousand Reasons text and tune
      273 On Eagle's Wings text and tune
      175 Advent Canon text and tune
      205 The King of Glory Comes text
      364 This is the Feast tune

    3. The One and All Rejoice License only includes permission to reproduce Resources found in One and All Rejoice, and no other hymns or songbooks.

    Licensee must obtain additional permission from the copyright holder of the Excluded Resources set forth above.

  3. License Fees – This License Agreement will be automatically renewed upon the anniversary date of purchase. Licensee may cancel this license before the expiration of the then current license period. License renewal fees for One and All Rejoice Resources License are billed at the annual rate in effect at the time of the renewal. These rates are subject to change without notice.
  4. Restrictions – No material reproduced or recorded pursuant to this license may be sold or distributed for payment or donation of any kind, in any manner disseminated via the internet (other than streaming or podcasting via the church/school media sites). Licensee agrees that it will not alter the text or tunes of the portions of the Resources that it uses.
  5. Copyright Notice - Licensee agrees that each reproduced copy of the Resources and each stream or podcast will include the hymn title, author and composer names, and a proper notice of copyright in the following form:

    Text [and/or Tune] © xxxx [insert copyright holder name]. Used by permission.

    One and All Rejoice License #xxxxx.

    Copyright notices pertaining to Resources shall be placed immediately following the Hymn Resource as printed or projected.

    Copyright notices pertaining to Resources included as part of the stream or podcast shall be part of the stream or podcast or printed on the website where the stream or podcast can be accessed.

  6. Reporting – Reporting of use will automatically be done through Lutheran Service Builder.
  7. Audit – Upon request (on a random basis), the Licensee agrees to send one copy of its services for a specified week to CPH via surface mail to enable CPH to monitor compliance with these terms on behalf of its participating publishers.
  8. Term – The term of license takes effect upon the purchase date of the annual license and remains in effect for one year and shall be subject to automatic renewal as set forth above, unless terminated as provided by this Agreement.
  9. Termination – This license shall terminate: 1) in the event that Licensee fails to pay the License Fee in which case termination shall be automatic and shall occur on the expiration date; or 2) in the event that the Licensee fails to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including but not limited to reporting usage of copyrighted Resources as required herein, in which case the termination shall be effective 30 days after receipt by Licensee of written notice of termination.
  10. Other – In addition, this License Agreement: i) cannot be assigned or transferred by Licensee without the approval of CPH; ii) is the exclusive agreement between Licensee and CPH concerning the Resources; iii) is governed by the laws of the State of Missouri; and iv) may be modified at any time by CPH with or without notice.

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