One and All Rejoice

Additional hymns for your children's choir

This add-on provides Lutheran Service Builder customers access to 181 hymns* from One and All Rejoice, Concordia Publishing House’s children’s hymnal. Now, it’s easier than ever to add K-8 children’s choirs to your musical lineup. With this add-on, you can insert hymn texts into Sunday bulletins and find tunes for every season of the Church Year.

In addition to the hymn tunes and texts, you can access 11 different liturgies, six psalms, various prayers, and an additional bulletin format to enhance your worship service planning experience in Lutheran Service Builder.


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*Nineteen hymns require an additional license to use. Please see the license agreement for more information.


$60 per year

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One and All Rejoice printed resources can be purchased at

One and All Rejoice Children’s Hymnal

One and All Rejoice Hymnal—$16.99

Introduce your K-8 students to the beauty of hymnody with One and All Rejoice children’s hymnal.

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One and All Rejoice Accompaniment Book

Accompaniment Book—$44.99

Play the hymns beside the choir with the One and All Rejoice accompaniment book.

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